Scenes from the Air Mountains.
 Amoumen Khalil washes his feet in preparation to pray. Amoumen, a trained veterinary technician who joined the rebellion after what he saw as decades of discrimination against Tuareg.
 A group of Tuareg rebels play a game using spent batteries and camel dung.
 Amouden, a rebel fighter, takes a break in a small provision shop.
 Rebel soldiers stand in front of debris left over from the battle of Tezerheit. 
 A displaced woman and her child who used to live in the town of Iferouane.
 A baby sleeping in a traditional Tuareg encampment. 
 Freshly slaughtered goat.
 A Tuareg soldier poses for a portrait.
 Ibrahim Khader, 22 years old, joined the rebellion after being a petrol smuggler in Algeria.
 Scene from the Air Mountains.
 A group of Tuareg soldiers traveling around with their pet monkey.
 A soldier checks his bullets.
 Keeping watch over the desert.
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